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200mA Medical Radiography x-ray Machine

200mA Medical Radiography x-ray Machine

Main Technology Parameters

1. Power Supply Requirements

Power Voltage: 380/220V±10%

Power Frequency: 50Hz±1Hz

Power Internal Resistance: 0.9Ω(380V) 0.3Ω(220V)

Power Capacity: 20kVA

2. Radiography Conditions 

kV: 50~100kV Continuously Adjustment

mA: 50(small), 50, 100, 150, 200, 300mA Step Adjustment

Exposure Time: 0.1~6.3s Step Adjustment

3. X-Ray Tube

Type: XD51-20.40/100

Small Focal Point:1.0×1.0mm2

Big Focal Point: 2.0×2.0mm2


4. Radiography Capacity

200mA Medical Radiography x-ray Machine specification

5. Radiography Table

Table Size: 2000×735×700(mm)(Length×Width×Height)

Table Surface Moving Range: Vertical 800mm, Horizontal 220mm

The Distance Between Table Surface and Film: 75mm

6. X-Ray Tube Subassembly & Stand Column 

Horizontal Movement: (Along the Radiography Table) ≥1100mm

Vertical Movement: 610mm

Circle Arm Center: ±180°

7. Radiography Max. Cassette Size: 


8. Bucky

Travel: 620mm

Grid Density: N28

Focal Distance: 1000mm


1. Compact physical design, superior coverage performance, and support general multi-angle radiography.

2. Simple operation, accurate location, and optimize working procedure.

3. Power voltage, x-ray tube voltage and tube current are showed respectively, which is convenient for observation.

4. KV, mA and s parameters are interlock protective sectionally.

200mA Medical Radiography x-ray Machine

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