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100MA pet mobile X-ray machine parameter performance introduction

Reference News Network reported on April 30. According to AFP London news, the death toll of the British New Coronavirus has surpassed that of France and Spain, rising to second in Europe and third in the world, after the United States and Italy.

According to data obtained by AFP from official sources, as of 1pm GMT on the 29th, there were 4,419 new deaths in the UK on that day, with a total of 26,097 deaths. During the same period, the number of deaths in the United States was 58,435, and in Italy 27,359.

The reason for the surge in deaths is that the British government included the first time that deaths outside nursing homes and other hospitals were counted. British Foreign Secretary Dominic Rab said that in addition to the increase in the past 24 hours, it also included 3,811 deaths since the outbreak in early March.

Previously, the United Kingdom only reported deaths of people who tested positive for new coronary pneumonia in hospitals, and there were concerns that there might be a large number of unreported victims in the community.

Today I will introduce you to the 100MA pet mobile X-ray machine

The main technical parameters

  1. Power condition: voltage 180V ~ 240V; frequency 50Hz;

Current 35A (instantaneous); internal resistance <1Ω; capacity not less than 7kVA

  1. Photography: tube voltage 50 ~ 90kV; tube current 16mA, 32mA, 63mA, 100mA; time 0.08s ~ 6.3s
  2. Focus of X tube: 4.3 × 4.3mm
  3. Maximum distance of unlimited remote control:> 7m
  4. The highest distance from the focal point of X-ray head to the ground: 1800mm
  5. The minimum distance from the focal point of X-ray head to the ground: 520mm
  6. The column rotates left and right: ± 45 °
  7. Beam limiter: when the distance between the focal point and the image receiving surface (SID) is 650mm, the maximum light field is not greater than 350 × 350
  8. Net weight: 150kg; gross weight: 240kg
  9. Packing volume: 150cm × 100cm × 150cm

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