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Syrian medical system interested in X-ray machine

The number of coronavirus cases in 2019 in Syria is relatively small. To date, 42 cases have been reported in government-controlled areas; one case in the northeast and no case in the northwest; but Pei Kairu insists that monitoring trends will be very important in the coming weeks.

Although the Syrian government, opposition and other de facto authorities are taking major steps to fight the virus, the lack of adequate testing, health professionals, medical equipment and supplies has hampered the response.

Pei Kairu said that the medical system declined in some areas and was destroyed in others. He reiterated the need for “adequate, continuous, and unhindered humanitarian access.”

Female under stress
The Women ’s Advisory Committee emphasized to the UN Special Envoy that women are at the forefront of community-based initiatives to raise awareness, prevent the spread of 2919 coronavirus, and assume additional care responsibilities at home due to movement restrictions.

The committee is composed of different women from civil society and provides independent expertise. Pei Kairu said that members are worried about the increased risk of domestic violence during domestic isolation, and the response to the 2019 coronavirus epidemic will gradually push women back into traditional and marginalized roles.
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What type of X-ray machine is used to detect the internal structure of the shell

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