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100mA veterinary X-ray machine

100mA veterinary X-ray machine is mainly used to examine the chest, limbs and other parts of small and medium-sized animals. What are the main product advantages of the 100mA veterinary X-ray machine? Let us follow the editor to see:
Accurate positioning, reliable performance, suitable for general photography, using bridge rectifier combined X-ray generator to improve photography quality.
The image is clear, especially suitable for photographing the posterior part of the animal.
Equipped with filament voltage regulator circuit, the parameters are more stable.
Specially designed for photographing animals, the operation is more convenient and simple.
Small size and light weight, low dose radiation dominates
It can be matched with wireless flat panel digital imaging system to form a DR equipment dedicated to animal radiography inspection
The above are the unique product features of the 100mA veterinary X-ray machine, and it is also one of our company’s best-selling products.
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