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100mA Portable X-ray Machin(Key + Display)

Product Usage:
It can be widely used in the inspection and diagnosis of human limbs, and is suitable for medical institutions such as hospitals, clinics, physical examination centers, ambulances, disaster relief, and first aid.

Product parameters:

Power 5KW
KV range 40KV-110KV
mA range 100mA、80mA、63mA、50mA、32mA
mAs range 0.32-315mAS
Time 0.01-6.3S
Input power type 220V±10%,50Hz±1Hz
Dimension 370(L)X 260(W)X 230(H)mm
Weight 21KG
Applicable scope Human limbs and chest
Adapt to the scene Hospitals, wards, clinics, physical examination centers and other medical institutions
Main parameters of digital flat panel detector
You need to choose according to the configuration parameters you choose

Product image presentation

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