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S50 Veterinary X-ray Machine

S50 veterinary X-ray machine is one of new model of Weifang Newheek Medical Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd. S50 veterinary X-ray machine based on S3.5 design ideas that bring you the same superior with the S3.5 —— professional structure design, the key components of the import and effective security design. The difference between S50 veterinary X-ray machine and S3.5  —— affordable purchase price, low maintenance costs and save space.

1、Affordable purchase price

Ordinary power frequency x-ray generator, focal length fixed, bed surface fixed structure. Simplified design reduces manufacturing costs. In ensuring the effect of film under the premise of a significant reduction in market sales price. S50 veterinary X-ray machine market sales price is only about 40% of S3.5.

2、Low maintenance costs

Simple mechanical structure, the traditional electrical circuit design to ensure that the S50 veterinary X-ray machine has long-term stable operation, very low failure rate and low warranty maintenance costs.

3、Save the floor space

Compact design, the minimum installation space of only 3 square meters, height 1.9 meters. Use the stairs, the aisle space can be used as a room. Particularly applicable to the small area of housing use of small clinics.

4、Professional structural design

Special designed for small animals to take pictures to consider. Bed and console separation, which can achieve compartment cable exposure.

5、Adopt grid

Adopt grid to effective filter the harmful scattering x ray, improve the animal thick parts of the image clarity and contrast, make the image more sharp. Grid is made of selection of high-quality materials, which can improve the transmittance, reduce the exposure factor.

6、Effectively safe design

Configuration of collimator, the professional testing organizations to detect, in line with relevant national standards. It can effectively prevent the scattering of x rays.

Standard configuration manual exposure and wireless remote exposure operation function. It can be selected according to different needs, flexible and convenient mode of operation. Try to avoid excessive exposure to X-ray radiation.

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S50 Veterinary X ray Machine

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