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X-ray machine imaging principle

X-rays are invisible light with very short wavelengths, discovered by the German physicist Roentgen in 1895, so they are also called Roentgen rays. Roentgen rays have high penetrating power and can penetrate many materials that are opaque to invisible light, such as paper and wood. The intensity of the rays is even greater and can even penetrate metals with low density. This kind of invisible rays can cause visible fluorescence of many solid materials, so X-rays can be used to inspect human body structures. The principle of X-ray examination of the human body is:

1. X-rays can penetrate matter.
2. X-rays have different penetrating powers for substances of different densities. The higher the density, the weaker the penetrating power.
3. The density of different components such as human bones, fat, and soft tissues are different, and the penetration capabilities of radiation for these components are different.
4. According to the amount of radiation penetrated, it will leave images with different brightness and darkness on the negative.
5. According to the graphic diagnosis, change the bone injury or other diseases.
Place a piece of film or DR detector on the side of the human body. X-rays will pass through the soft tissues (skin and organs) of the human body and then irradiate the film or DR detector. Tissues, such as bones or injected substances containing barium or iodine, will appear white, which can be used to judge the body’s disease.

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