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Medical inspection 200mA X-ray machine

A few days ago, a customer in Myanmar asked about our 200ma X-ray machine. This customer has previously inquired about other models of our machines, but due to the limited budget of the customer, I want to consult a 200ma X-ray machine this time. From a functional point of view, the maximum voltage of this machine is 100KV and the maximum current is 200ma, which can basically meet all shooting needs; from the price point of view, since this machine is industrial frequency, it is cheaper than high-frequency machines. , So the price/performance ratio is relatively high, and it has been welcomed by many users, so what are the characteristics of this machine? Let’s take a look:
1. Single bed sheet tube.
2. High-visualization and operability console, pointer type meter head shows tube voltage and tube current.
3. High-voltage and high-power SCR zero point control circuit.
4. The camera bed, column, and vibrating grid can be linked to facilitate the alignment of the center of the rubber screen.
5. The photographic bed board can be moved horizontally and vertically for easy use.
6. The column can be rotated by ±180º axially and laterally, which is convenient for stretcher photography and vertical chest frame photography.
7. Wide voltage design, not harsh to the environment power supply voltage, compatible with 220V/380V.
These are the characteristics and advantages of the 200mAx optical machine produced by Newheek. If you also need such a medical testing equipment, please send an email to


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