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Mobile DR manufacturers

The term mobile DR medical equipment has actually become popular in the medical circle a few years ago, but because of this year’s
The new crown epidemic once again pushed this term to the public. At present, our Huarui Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly sells
There are two types of mobile DR sold, one is a 400 mA mobile DR, and the other is a 100 mA portable mobile DR. We are a mobile DR manufacturer, mainly OEM production for some distribution companies.

Briefly introduce to you a 400 mA mobile DR of our company:
Main configuration: Movable cart rack, tube, light beam, high voltage cable, embedded computer, flat panel detector, workstation software, etc.
1) Using high-frequency and high-voltage generator and combined machine head kV closed-loop control, stable output, good repeatability, fast response and high precision.
2) mAs digital closed-loop control technology, 32-bit microprocessor real-time control, to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the dosage.
3) Touch screen adjustment, color screen display, dual-core control.
4) There is a body anatomy program, and the user can also modify the parameters by himself.
5) With high-voltage over-voltage and under-voltage protection, tube current over-current protection, output overload protection, and fault prompts.
6) The perfect heat capacity protection function protects the target surface of the X-ray tube.
Ergonomic structure design, simple and convenient operation.

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