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500 mA high-frequency X-ray machine

Hello everyone, today I will introduce you a medical examination machine, X-ray machine (500 mA high-frequency X-ray machine). With the recurrence of the epidemic in some areas and the outbreak of local cases, many hospitals have opened fever clinics. Fever clinics are dedicated clinics established by the outpatient department of regular hospitals during the prevention and control of acute infectious diseases in accordance with the instructions of superiors. They are dedicated to the investigation of suspected infectious patients and the treatment of fever patients. Medical staff working in this clinic should strictly abide by the “Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases” and relevant laws and regulations issued by the government during the prevention and control of infectious diseases. Achieve “not to miss a patient, not to report a patient, not to infect a medical staff.
For this new crown epidemic, fever clinics are mainly machine X-ray machines used for medical examinations. Briefly introduce our 500 mA high-frequency X-ray machine:
The 500 mA high-frequency X-ray machine has a multi-function camera flat bed:
1. Bed surface movement: Electromagnetic lock and pedal release. Longitudinal: ±560m; Horizontal: ±120mm.
2. Fixed grid: grid density: 40L/cm, grid ratio: 10:1, convergence distance: 100cm.
3. The moving range of the film cart: ≥610mm.
3. Film specifications: 5″×7″, 8″×10″, 10″×12″, 11″×14″, 12″×15″, 14″×14″, 14″×17”
4. Distance from face to film: 75mm.
5. The height of the bed surface: 700mm.
6. Column movement: 180° every 90° positioning, longitudinal stroke ≥ 1500 mm.
7. Column movement: 180° every 90° positioning, longitudinal stroke ≥ 1500 mm.
The 500 mA high-frequency X-ray machine has a high-frequency and high-voltage generator:
1. The voltage range of the camera tube is 40~125kV, 1KV step;
2. Tube voltage range 10~640mA; mA accuracy≤±10%
3. Exposure time range: 1-10000ms;
4. The range of mAs is 0.1-640mAs;
5. mA accuracy≤±(5%+0.2mAs)
6. APR storage capacity: 2400 data
7. Auxiliary output power: 24VDC 300mA 220VAC 5A
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