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300mA X-ray machine

Today, a customer in Shenzhen consulted our company for exporting 300mA X-ray machines to the Middle East. The user just wants to buy a 300mA X-ray machine, and there is no mention of imaging equipment. Therefore, we recommend our power frequency 300mA X-ray machine to customers.
Briefly introduce our 300mA X-ray machine to customers:
●Single sheet tube
●Rotating anode X-ray tube assembly
●Single-phase full-wave rectifier high voltage generator
●Power supply voltage (V), radiographic kilovolts (kv), continuous adjustment
●Filament regulator with X-ray tube and space charge compensator
●Radiograph capacity kV, mA and S interlock protection
●Adopt digital circuit timer to accurately control the exposure time
●Primary high-voltage high-power SCR zero-crossing control circuit
●Camera bed, column, vibrating grid have linkage device
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Author: Lillian

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