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50MA X-ray machine

Recently, many customers have called us to inquire about our 50ma x-ray machine, which uses this x-ray machine to examine and photograph the limbs of the human body. Generally, small clinics use this machine to take pictures for patients.
X-ray machine (50ma x-ray machine) is a device that produces X-rays. It is mainly composed of X-ray tube, X-ray electromechanical bai, and control circuits. The X-ray tube is composed of cathode filament (Cathod) and anode target ( Anode) and vacuum glass tube. The X-ray machine (50ma x light machine) can be divided into two parts: high-voltage electricity and filament electricity. The filament electricity is used to heat the filament, and the high-voltage output end of the high-voltage electricity u is clamped separately. At both ends of the cathode filament and the anode target, a high-voltage electric field is provided to accelerate the active electrons on the filament to the anode target, forming a high-speed electron flow. After bombarding the anode target surface, 99% is converted into heat, and 1% is due to the Compton effect X-rays are produced.
If you want to know more about the medical 50ma power frequency X-ray machine, welcome to consult.

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