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A company consulted our company’s 50ma portable X-ray machine

We have received an inquiry from a customer. The customer first said that he needed a 50ma portable X-ray machine, but after confirming with the customer, the customer said that the required product has three conditions:
1. It is a bedside machine, movable
2. Need to bring perspective function
3. Need 50ma or less
According to the customer’s requirements, it is judged that the customer needs a relatively old 30ma fluoroscopy machine, which is imaged with a fluoroscopy screen. However, due to the advancement of filming technology and people’s attention to radiation protection, this machine is now gone. It is recommended that customers choose our 50ma portable X-ray machine. The product information of our 50ma portable X-ray machine was sent to the customer, which can meet the customer’s requirements.
If you are also interested in our X-ray machine, please contact us.

Author: Lillian

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