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A customer consulted about portable x-ray for export

Last week, a customer asked about our portable x-ray for export. I inquired carefully about the customer’s needs, and the customer said that they need to be able to shoot both humans and animals. The foreign customers did not say the specific parameters. I recommended our 100ma portable x-ray to customers. And sent a product brochure to the customer, the customer expressed that he was very satisfied, and said that they would give feedback to foreign customers.
There are two main types of portable x-ray: 50ma and 100ma. A 50ma X-ray machine can photograph human limbs or small animals, but it may not be very effective for large animals such as dogs; a 100ma X-ray machine can photograph human breasts, limbs, or larger animals such as dogs, how big is it? The power of the machine needs to be selected according to the specific shooting needs.
In addition, you can also choose to configure racks, flat-panel detectors, or veterinary beds for shooting animals. Due to the flexible configuration and small size, it has been unanimously favored by customers at home and abroad.
If you need portable x-ray or need a portable machine to configure a complete X-ray system, please contact us.

Author: Lillian

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