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A customer consulted for export of industrial frequency X-ray machine to Bangladesh

Received an inquiry for industrial frequency X-ray machine today. The client is a foreign trade company and wants to export industrial frequency X-ray machines to Bangladesh. The final customer was a hospital in Bangladesh and needed a fixed X-ray machine. According to the customer’s request, I recommended our 200ma X-ray machine to the customer. Our 200ma X-ray machine is a power frequency X-ray machine, let’s take a look at the features of this power frequency X-ray machine:
1. Monolithic tube;
2. High visibility and maneuverability console, pointer type instrument displays tube voltage and tube current
3. High-voltage and high-power SCR zero point control circuit
4. The camera bed, column and vibrating grid can be linked to facilitate the alignment of the center of the rubber screen
5. The camera platen can be moved horizontally and vertically for easy use
6. The column can be rotated axially and horizontally by ±180°, which is convenient for stretcher photography and vertical chest frame photography
7. Wide voltage design, not harsh to the environment power supply voltage, compatible with 220V/380V

Author: Lillian

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