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Veterinary X-ray machines are more and more widely used

With the rapid development of the medical industry, X-ray machines are playing an increasingly important role in modern medicine. Not only human X-ray machines but also veterinary X-ray machines for animals can be used to assist in diagnosis. Diseased. When faced with some affected areas that cannot be observed by the naked eye, X-ray machines are useful, especially veterinary X-ray machines for animals. Because animals cannot speak, the use of veterinary X-ray machines will be more conducive to diagnosis. Animal diseases. This type of veterinary X-ray machine has been widely used in pet clinics and hospitals of various sizes. Today, I will introduce the 100mA power frequency veterinary X-ray machine.
The main features of the veterinary X-ray machine are:
1. The machine is accurate in positioning, reliable in performance, and suitable for general radiography. Using a bridge rectifier combined with an X-ray generator can improve the quality of radiography.
2. With grid, the image is clearer, which is especially suitable for shooting after animals.
3. Equipped with filament voltage regulator circuit, the parameters are more stable.
4. Designed for animal radiography, the operation is more convenient and simple.

Veterinary X-ray Machine

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