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A customer consulted our industrial X-ray machine

Some time ago, a customer consulted our industrial X-ray machine, which is mainly used to inspect the internal structure of the product, check whether there are bubbles and connections, etc. The customer sent us samples, and we used the portable fluoroscopy machine and the industrial vertical fluoroscopy machine to test the customer. It is obvious that the vertical fluoroscopy machine is more effective. We all know that Newheek not only produces medical X-ray machines, but also industrial X-ray machines. Just like an image intensifier, both industrial and medical applications can be used at the same time. So many people have asked, what is the industrial use for? Let us study together!
What is an industrial X-ray machine made of? It is composed of power supply, high voltage generator, X-ray tube, imaging system, digital camera and test bench. So what are the parameters of each part?
Power supply conditions: three-phase AC 380V±22V, power supply capacity ≥30KVA
High-voltage generator: digital high-frequency high-voltage generator: ≥50KW
Perspective tube voltage: manual 40-110KV, automatic 40-110KV adjustable
Perspective tube current: manual 0.3-0.6mA, automatic 0.3-6mA adjustable
X-ray tube: high-frequency independent head, non-combined head, can be used continuously for a long time.
Image system: image intensifier ≥9 inch metal screen, center resolution ≥48p/mm, overall resolution: ≥12LP/cm
Digital camera: Type: black and white, progressive, photosensitive device: CCD, 2/3, resolution: 1024*1024
Test bench: Rotating test bench
For the industrial X-ray machine produced by our company, in order to allow customers to fully recognize our equipment, we recommend that customers send samples by mail, and the company will test them for free, and then send the renderings to the customers. If the customers agree with our test The renderings, and then talk about specific cooperation matters.
If you also need an industrial-specific digital X-ray machine, please contact us and we will provide you with the most detailed service.

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