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Spanish customers want to buy a portable X-ray machine

Recently, a customer in Spain wanted a portable X-ray machine. Today I will tell you what a portable X-ray machine is and how it differs from other X-ray machines. Everyone may think of portable when they see it for convenience and portability, which is actually the case.
What is the role of portable X-ray machine? The portable X-ray machine is mainly used to examine the human limbs, especially in the mobile field, battlefield, sports field, pet clinic and clinic. What are the main components of the portable X-ray machine? It is mainly composed of X-ray generator and ancillary equipment, including: X-ray tube, wire harness, and rack, which are mainly composed of these parts.
What advantages does the portable X-ray machine have over other X-ray machines?
(1) Light and concise
(2) 6-segment digital LED display
(3) Selection of 24 preset anatomical memory modes
(4) Analog and digital double-loop high-precision control mode
(5) High-precision control of tube voltage and tube current
(6) Fault self-protection and self-diagnosis
Now that COVID-19 is not over, a portable machine can help people to quickly check their bodies and treat them as soon as possible. If you have any needs, please contact us!

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Author: Lillian

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