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A customer inquired about the use of X-ray machine recently

Yesterday, a customer asked if we have an X-ray machine that can be used for medical examinations in hospitals that can irradiate chest radiographs. Replied that the customer has an X-ray machine that can be used to take chest radiographs, and then sent the customer the product information of our X-ray machine. In this article, let’s take a look at some questions about the use of the X-ray machine.

When buying and using an X-ray machine, we first need to know what kind of X-ray machine we need and what parts to use for shooting. If we want an X-ray machine that can shoot the whole body with relatively high comprehensive performance, then we are the most It is better to choose a large X-ray machine for the X-ray machine used in the lead room. When using this kind of X-ray machine, you need to pay attention to the temperature, lead room environment, and voltage conditions. The X-ray machine is a precision instrument and has certain requirements for temperature. This little buddy needs to pay attention.

We have various types of X-ray machines to meet your different purchasing needs.If you need this product, please contact us.

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