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Pakistani client inquires about high voltage cable

Pakistani customer saw on Newheek website that we provide high voltage cable and left a message to our email saying that they now need GES cable and left the specific product model.

Through the background investigation of the customer, we found that the customer’s main products are laboratory instruments and instrumentation equipment, such as gas analyzer, etc., mainly some small equipment with low voltage. We preliminarily judge that the 75kV and 90kV high-voltage cables provided by Newheek are not suitable for the customer’s requirements.Then we will find the product parameters according to the product model left by the customer and confirm with the customer. Finally, we will make sure that the product the customer needs is different from ours.The customer asked if it could be customized for them. We replied that it could be customized, but the mold opening cost would be very high. If the annual demand of the customer is large, we could consider it, and if the demand is small, it would not be cost-effective.The client said to think it over.

If you are interested in Newheek high voltage cable, welcome to call for consultation.

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