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A customer inquires about a portable X-ray machine

A customer found our company’s portable X-ray machine through the company’s Newheek website, and showed great interest in this, and then contacted our company to inquire about our portable X-ray machine related issues.
The client is a local outpatient clinic, mainly used to take pictures of patients’ limbs and chest. After communicating with customers, we recommended a 5KW portable X-ray machine to customers. This product adopts high-frequency inverter technology to produce stable high-voltage output and obtain good image quality. It adopts compact design and is easy to carry in different regions and locations. Work; There are three exposure control methods: remote control, hand brake and interface button type; fault self-diagnosis and self-protection; with a flexible digital interface, users can go deep into the core programming control, and can be adapted to different DR detectors. In the end, the customer accepted our suggestion and expressed their approval for our portable X-ray machine.

Author: Lillian

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