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A customer request the technical parameters of our medical X-ray machine

Recently, a customer from an orthopedic hospital called us to request the technical parameters of our medical X-ray machine. For the majority of people in the industry and the medical field, medical X-ray machine equipment is very familiar. With the rapid development of science and technology, medical X-ray machine X-ray detection equipment is widely used in various industries. The medical X-ray machine penetrates the X-ray through the X-ray emission source, and then detects whether the object is abnormal through the dark spots that flow down from the light and shadow.
We initially recommended our 500MA medical X-ray machine to this orthopedic hospital customer, but after reading our medical X-ray machine information, the customer felt that the sickle arm medical X-ray machine was more suitable for them to use, so I wanted to use a sickle Arm medical X-ray machine, reply to the customer that the sickle arm’s frame voltage requirement is 380V, but the voltage of the orthopaedic hospital customer is 220V, the customer asks us if we can change the voltage, reply to the customer can reflect with the engineer .
After that, our engineers contacted us to say that it is okay to change the frame voltage of the sickle-arm medical X-ray machine to 220V. After confirmation, we will contact the customer.


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