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The function portable x-ray machine

X-ray machine plays an important role in our life, which is convenient for our life, but in some cases, it needs to be used in different scenes, but the weight of X-ray machine is heavy, the volume is large, which is not conducive to movement. At this time, we need a mobile X-ray machine, which is our portable X-ray machine.

The difference between portable X-ray machines and more traditional X-ray machines is their portability. With a portable X-ray machine, doctors can choose to provide services for customers who are traveling, otherwise they will have difficulty accessing their doctor’s office. Even in clinical settings, portable X-ray machines allow doctors to efficiently treat many patients and change their positions without having to move injured or sick patients. The smallest portable X-ray machine is hand-held. Compared with traditional machines, all these machines occupy much less space, thus saving valuable space.

Portable X-ray machine is also widely used in hospitals, many departments need to use this machine.

Portable X-ray generators are easy to transport from one location to another throughout the hospital. Therefore, if there is a disaster or too many patients, the radiologist can easily take some X-ray images when the doctor determines how to prioritize the injury, which has the potential to save many lives. X-ray generators can also be used for similar purposes in triage centers.

The distance of the machine is 0.3-5m. The perspective signal can be transmitted to the LCD several kilometers away. The size, color, pattern number and direction of the covered object can be clearly seen. The detector can be installed in daily necessities such as fire engines, mobile phones, watches and rings. The effective distance between the detector and the display screen is 10-5000 meters. The detector needs two people to operate, without any processing and direct penetration.

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