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Application and data of portable medical X-ray machine

Healthy and white teeth are one of the premises of health. Gargling with tea after meals can wash away the residue between the mouth and teeth in time. Tea has high fluorine content and can effectively prevent cavities. The acid substances brought by sweets make the tooth surface demineralised and easy to caries, while fluoride can promote the remineralization of teeth, and the tea polyphenols contained in tea also have the effect of scavenging free radicals. Dental X-ray machine is a necessary medical equipment in hospital, so what are the specific operation procedures and advantages of dental X-ray machine?

Simple and generous, portable and light, clear image, close to zero radiation.

Stable performance, complete functions and convenient operation.

Optional AC, DC or AC, DC two-way power on mode.

It can be fixed freely, such as vertical type, wall type, dental treatment chair, etc.

Optional wireless remote control or hand-held switch for exposure control.

Because of the backward medical knowledge and limited conditions, people seldom have the awareness of protecting teeth, many people do not understand why to protect teeth. Tooth is the hardest organ in human body, which has the functions of biting, biting and grinding food and assisting in pronunciation. There are three parts of teeth: crown, neck and root. The crown is the part we can see. It is the part of teeth exposed outside the gum.

The root of our teeth is covered with root like nerves, and pain is transmitted through these dense and small nerves. There is also a point can not be ignored, bad teeth will also bring bad breath, serious people will affect interpersonal communication, so it is very important to protect teeth!

Parameters of portable dental X-ray machine:

Tube voltage: 60kV

Tube current 1.5mA

Exposure time: 0.02 ~ 2S

Focus 0.3 * 0.3 mm

Focal screen distance 130mm

Frequency: 30kHz

Battery dc14.8v 6400ma

Rated power: 60VA

Power input AC100V-240V

Power output dc16.8v

Weight 2.2kg

Size: 138mm * 165mm * 185mm

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