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Advantages of 50ma X-ray machine

50ma X-ray machine, also known as bedside X-ray machine, easy to move flexible.The 50ma X-ray machine adopts high-voltage silicon full-wave rectification technology. Compared with the half-wave self-rectifying X-ray machine, the efficiency of X-ray tube is improved. The current consumed by the whole machine is only two-thirds of that of the half-wave self-rectifying X-ray machine, which reduces the requirement of power supply capacity and improves the clarity of film taking and perspective.
Advantages of 50ma X ray machine
The high inverse peak voltage full wave rectifier does not exist in half wave self-rectifying X-ray machine.
Bedside photography, turn the arm can rotate 90 ° Angle.With a light cart, so that the function of flexible access to the ward, convenient medical staff.
Newheek 50ma X-ray machine belongs to power frequency X-ray machine, which can meet the needs of different customers.

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