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Advantages of double-column X-ray machine

What do you know about the advantages of double-column X-ray machines? Let’s introduce the advantages of double-column X-ray machines.
1) Reassuring X-ray tube protection system
The X-ray tube allows load management and heat capacity management, which is carried out by a microcomputer, which can better protect the X-ray tube.
2) Reassuring safety features
The fault self-diagnosis function can quickly and accurately judge the fault status, and can automatically protect, display the fault code, and facilitate maintenance.
3) Platform-based design console
It is more convenient to be compatible with workstations, and can be upgraded to digital gastrointestinal.
4) Simple and convenient body position display
According to the patient’s body type, the part can be selected, the exposure parameters can be automatically set and can be corrected and saved.
5) Advanced program control with automatic and manual functions
Program control function, providing 96 possible control condition combinations, can also be adjusted manually according to needs, touch the button, convenient and quick.
Having said so much, everyone understands the advantages of the double-column X-ray machine.
To put it simply, the double-column X-ray machine is mainly used in hospitals for fluoroscopy and photographic examination of the chest, abdomen, bone and soft tissue.
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