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Which brand of digital gastrointestinal machine is good?

The incidence of gastrointestinal diseases continues to increase. More and more people will know which brand of gastrointestinal machine is better? Our company has a complete product range and is a medical device manufacturer integrating product production, sales and service. We will introduce the digital gastrointestinal machine produced by our company from the following aspects,
The use of digital gastrointestinal machine:
Gastrointestinal angiography, esophagus angiography, cholangiography, bronchography, venography, peripheral angiography, urography, hysterosalpingography, some interventional radiotherapy applications
Product features of digital gastrointestinal machine:
1 Brand-new technology of high-frequency host, digital image acquisition, high-quality images
2 Intuitive display man-machine interface, excellent control system
3 Multiple security guarantees to achieve a balance between image quality and radiation dose
4 Powerful digital image processing function
Advantages of digital gastrointestinal machine:
1 World-class high-frequency host with accurate exposure time.
2 The host adopts advanced computer control technology to precisely control the radiation dose of the X-ray tube.
3 Advanced security protection function. The host can perform fault self-diagnosis, can accurately determine the cause of the fault, display the fault code, and can automatically protect and facilitate maintenance.
4 Excellent digital image processing system.

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