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Advantages of Mobile X-ray Stand

Mobile X-ray Stand is a mobile support used with X-ray machine for body photography. This support can ensure that X-ray machine can shoot from any height and angle, and can be moved easily.It offers max stability and effort-less movement. It can meet the needs of use in the field environment.

Mobile X-ray Stand is easy to operate and vertical mobile X-ray Stand is beautiful in shape and can move up and down. It can be used for X-ray photography of whole body parts.It is suited for thorax, spine, abdomen and pelvic exposure.It is accurate in positioning, convenient in loading and unloading, and professional in use.Fast imaging, no waiting.The imaging area is large, and the detector can be used in a variety of ways and angles.

Newheek is a high-tech enterprise that develops, produces and sells X-ray imaging equipment. Our products are widely used in domestic and foreign medical and health fields, industrial non-destructive testing fields and veterinary fields.

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