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Three steps of x ray table installation

How is the x ray table we often use installed? Let’s take a look at the installation method of the x ray table.

The first is the column on the x ray table. Install the column on the right side of the x ray table with pulleys. Align the pulleys for installation. During the installation, a forklift will be used. The column is heavy. During the installation, one person controls the forklift and the coating table to align. Two People will assist the column. The forklift operator will also control the forklift to move slowly. Minor negligence may lead to safety accidents. Therefore, this is the most important link.

The second is the installation of the controller bulb, which cannot be inverted, especially the bulb ferrule and expansion screw. If it is inverted, the bulb will fall off and cause safety damage to the photographer. The bracket, baffle and counterweight must be installed correctly.

Finally, after the installation is complete, connect the power connection part. The power connection part must be controlled in accordance with the strict requirements of the manual. Otherwise, it is not worthwhile to cause unnecessary losses. After the power connection is completed, it must be tested and must be activated multiple times Switch to see if there is poor contact or leakage. After inspection, it can be used normally.

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