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Customer consultation on the difference between digital X-ray machine and analog X-ray machine

Many customers say that they want a digital X-ray machine when they call, but they are not sure about the differences and advantages of a digital X-ray machine compared to an analog X-ray machine.
Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of digital X-ray machines compared with analog X-ray machines. First of all, due to the visibility and operability of the digital X-ray machine, the radiation is greatly reduced, thereby effectively reducing radiation damage, greatly reducing stray scattered rays, reducing the radiation intensity of the subject and the operator, and shooting the same Condition, the skin dose is reduced by 60% compared with the industrial frequency machine. The second is to realize computer control, you can view the image information directly from the computer. High degree of automation, extended automatic control function, more convenient operation, strong system expansion and upgrade ability, smaller volume than traditional power frequency generator, higher efficiency, and greatly reduced invalid rays.
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