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Advantages of X-ray bed

X-ray bed is an important part of the X-ray machine, medical x ray table simple operation, structure using electromagnetic braking, bed surface floating, flat bed foot release, manual control operation column, to achieve mobile light and flexible, accurate rotation Angle, positioning fast and reliable, shooting more widely.
Advantages of X ray bed
Newheek x ray bed intelligent program control, ensure accurate photography time, good repeatability, but also arbitrary storage call human characteristics photography parameters, greatly improve the shooting efficiency.
Secondly, the function of our X-ray bed is perfect, and the optimal configuration of image chain can present high-quality X-ray photos, significantly reduce the radiation dose and protect doctors and patients.
It can diagnose and display fault codes, judge fault status quickly and accurately, and has self-protection function.
Newheek x ray bed can also provide DR transformation and other extended products and services to meet the needs of digital upgrade.
Newheek x ray bed can meet your different purchasing needs.

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