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Main uses of c arm machine

Purpose of c arm X ray machine

C-arm machine is also divided into small C, medium C, and large C.

It is mainly used in orthopaedics, surgery and cardio-cerebrovascular surgery.

Orthopaedics: osteoplasty, reduction, nailing, discography and ablation, percutaneous puncture, etc.

Pain Department: With ozone, semiconductor laser, radio frequency machine to carry out interventional treatment of lumbar and cervical pain.

Oncology Department: Interventional treatment of multi-site tumors.

Gynecology: Tubal guidance, hysterography, interventional treatment of uterine fibroids, etc.

General Surgery and Traumatic Surgery: Take foreign bodies in vivo.

Urology: Renal cystography, urological surgery, etc.

C-arm X ray machine

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