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Difference between medical Monitor and ordinary Monitor

Medical Monitor is also an important part of X-ray machine.
1. Support DICOMPART14 standard: a professional medical Monitor must support DICOMPART14 standard. In other words, it must have the ability to adjust DICOM standard curve to match DICOM standard, so as to ensure the display quality of image.
2. Size: Monitor size is expressed in diagonal length, usually in inches.
The mainstream sizes of ordinary Monitor are 15 “, 17 “and 19”.
The common sizes of medical Monitor are 18 “, 20 “and 21”, which are basically similar to the size of X film.
3. Support grayscale display: grayscale is a very important feature of black and white medical images, which reflects the level between black and white images.
Difference between medical Monitor and ordinary Monitor
Gray-scale display requires video card support, medical display should be equipped with a special video card;
Normal Monitor has: 8bit-256 gray level, used to display color images, no gray level requirements, using ordinary graphics card.
The medical Monitor has 10 bit-1024 gray-scale images for displaying X-ray gray-scale images related to diagnosis
Requirements: 10bit11bit (1024*2048 gray scale).
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