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American customer consultation x ray machine

the new crown pneumonia epidemic has swept the world, and many countries have fallen into a halt and are struggling to cope with it. At a time when international diplomacy is extremely scarce, the joint statement issued by US President Trump and Russian President Putin has attracted attention.

On April 25, the two countries issued a joint statement to commemorate the River Elbe of the US-Soviet Army during World War II. The statement stated that the US-Soviet military division at the Elbe River heralds the eventual failure of the Nazi regime. The “Elbe Spirit” is a model of abandoning differences, building trust and cooperating for a greater cause.

“As we face many of the most important challenges of the 21st century today, we pay tribute to the brave people who fought side by side to defeat fascism. Their merits will be remembered forever.”

This rare joint statement between the United States and Russia is extremely compelling. The reason is that in addition to the elections approaching the United States, the United States is worried about Russia ’s last interference in the election, and there are concerns outside the United States about the world pattern after the pneumonia outbreak: the United States and China When the trade war truce of the world powers and the new crown pneumonia are diametrically opposed, the United States and Russia really abandoned their previous cooperation and what will happen?
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