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Vietnam customer consultation x ray machine

Associate professor of Boston University School of Engineering and Chinese-American Wang Hua started spreading the new coronavirus in the United States at the end of February, leading the Chinese Association of Lexington, Massachusetts (Massachusetts) to educate the community on protection. But what I did not expect is that the situation has turned sharply. Ten days later, the number of confirmed cases in the United States exceeded one thousand, and a few days later, the number exceeded ten thousand.

As a specially-appointed professor at Wuhan Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wang Hua described himself as “half a person from Wuhan” and played an important role in assisting Wuhan. When the virus spread in the United States, he led a team to initiate fundraising, using the experience of assisting Wuhan in the past, to purchase medical supplies from China and ship them to the United States.

As of April 24, the team led by Wang Hua raised about US $ 107,000 and donated 52 hospitals and clinics, 34 nursing homes and 16 government agencies and community units, donating a total of about 107,000 medical supplies.

“When all the hospitals started asking for help from the society, we were very shocked and felt amazingly similar to the lack of medical supplies in Wuhan,” Wang Hua said to BBC Chinese. He came to the United States for further studies in the late 1980s and later settled in the historic town of Lexington near Boston. This is the place where the “first shot” of the American War of Independence, the per capita education level is higher than the whole country, at present nearly 30% of the population is Asian.

Near Boston, there is a group of foreign students who came to the United States after China’s reform and opening up like Wang Hua. After they completed their master’s or doctorate, the immigrants stayed. For more than 20 years, like many hard-working Chinese immigrants, they have worked hard to make money to support their families, regardless of politics. It was only in the last ten years that these elite students began to walk out of the Chinese circle and move closer to the mainstream society.

During the outbreak, Chinese Americans and even Asians were stigmatized, and some even suffered personal attacks. The “Chinese virus” in the mouth of US President Trump pushed them to the cusp of an anti-Asian wave. While it is difficult to expect the two governments to eliminate extreme emotions, these Chinese elites who have achieved success in various fields not only organized self-help, but also tried to fight against discrimination.
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