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American customer inquires about dental X-ray machine

I received an inquiry about an American customer inquiring about a dental X-ray machine, asking whether our dental X-ray machine has FDA or CE certification? It is notified that there are relevant domestic qualifications and CE certification, and there is no FDA. The customer said that because it is a US company, it must have FDA certification. You can report to the company leaders and sell our dental X-ray machines in China.
Dental X-ray machine product advantages
Dental X-ray machine has clear images, high efficiency, and adopts international advanced technology.
Dental X-ray machines have low radiation, and the amount of radiation leakage is only one percent of the national regulations.
Dental X-ray machine Touch the button, microcomputer control, you can quickly and accurately determine the exposure parameters with just one button.
Dental X-ray machine bright room flushing, imaging in one minute, immediately used for diagnosis, to the greatest extent convenient for doctors to diagnose.
The two-meter-long hanger structure of the dental X-ray machine saves space and is convenient for doctors to take pictures in all directions. Can be used with oral digital imaging
The system is used together.

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