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Someone asks a portable dental x ray machine in the clinic

A customer saw the portable dental x ray machine advertised by our company on our Newheek website and called for consultation. Said that I want a portable dental x ray machine that can take pictures of limbs, cervical spine and chest.
We recommend a 5kW portable dental x ray machine with a mobile rack for our customers. As shown in the figure, when we understand that there are not many patients who need to be filmed and examined in the customer’s clinic, it is recommended to use the film imaging system, which is more cost-effective and suitable for personal clinic use. After the quotation, the customer felt that the price was a little higher, and said that there was a handheld X-ray machine on the Internet, the price was very cheap, and explained to the customer that the small machine is not suitable for medical testing. It is recommended to use a formal portable dental x ray machine. After sending the product information to the customer, the customer said that they would consider it carefully.

Author: Lillian

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