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Anhui customer inquires about digital gastrointestinal machine

Newheek’s digital gastrointestinal machine is mainly composed of X-ray high-frequency and high-voltage generating components, X-ray tube, electric beam limiter, image intensifier + digital camera, DR flat panel detector, inspection bed + power cabinet, maximum power: ≥50KW ; Maximum operating frequency: ≥40kHz.
Product advantages of digital gastrointestinal machine:
1. The image is clear, the contrast is high, the effect is good, and the lesion is easy to distinguish
1. The digital gastrointestinal machine adopts a high-quality image intensifier to improve grayscale, resolution and contrast, and make the image clearer.
2. Equipped with imported ultra-low-illumination digital camera (CCD), the perspective image is low-noise, rich in contrast, and high-quality. At the same time, it avoids the phenomenon of image halo, edge attenuation, image smearing, etc., which is convenient for accurate diagnosis during dynamic observation.
3. Equipped with medical high-definition progressive input and output TV system, low noise, high definition and contrast.
4. The digital gastrointestinal machine adopts imported dense-grained wire grid to further improve the quality of the radiation and the image effect is good.
5. The tube voltage rise and fall time is short, the exposure accuracy is high, and the X-ray photo has rich grayscale
2. The whole machine is easy to operate, flexible and convenient
1. The intuitively displayed man-machine interface and unique touch screen operating system make man-machine dialogue more intuitive, convenient and easy to understand; PLC programmable control technology is adopted, with high control accuracy and good stability.
2. One-button operation handle, eight-position control switch, you can easily control bed movement, perspective and spotting.
5. The humanized design of the side switch of the diagnostic bed can manipulate the bed and affect the movement of the system, making the operation near the table very convenient.
6. The spotting device and the influence system have a wide range of movement, using a maneuverable and immobile mode of operation to easily complete a series of inspections from the throat, esophagus to the lower abdomen.
Third, the safety performance of the digital gastrointestinal machine is high
Computer program control, remote operation, avoid radiation hazards to medical staff.

digital gastrointestinal machine

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