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Application of oral digital sensor in dentistry

Our dental digital sensor can display four large images at the same time, which can be adjusted according to needs. The selected image can be enlarged or partially enlarged, and can be printed immediately, so that the dentist can still obtain excellent results under difficult shooting conditions.
The electronic digital display provides a necessary guarantee for the inspection of dental implants, because it shows the condition of the bones and the level of integration of the implants.
For patients, the periodontal conditions before and after treatment can provide accurate data to dentists and patients through the display screen and computer.
The dental digital sensor can be disinfected in a disinfectant, which provides the patient and the dentist with the best hygiene guarantee. When the existing X light source is used, there will be no current between the sensor and the motor, and the patient is safer. Dental digital sensor is suitable for root canal treatment, implantation, periodontal disease, and pediatric dentistry. Because of its own functions, it provides doctors and patients with simple, fast and accurate images and data, and provides dentists with correct diagnosis of the condition. Got help.

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