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Comparison of digital x-ray machine and traditional x-ray machine

The image quality is higher, the exposure conditions are reduced, and the dynamic range is increased by more than 40 times. The imaging speed is faster than traditional X-ray machines, the acquisition time is less than 10ms, and the imaging time for conventional photos is only 5s. Radiographers can observe the facts. Can be quickly transferred to the post-processing workstation. Print laser film as needed.
Energy subtraction has greatly improved the specific diagnosis of lungs, and it is also very helpful in the differential diagnosis of orthopedic trauma (such as fractures) and tumors. It is one of the routine methods of radiological examination.
The digital acquisition method has great post-processing capabilities, provides a guarantee for networking, improves the efficiency of image archive management and transmission, and uses CD-ROM recording with low cost and better economic benefits. Improve the work efficiency of the radiology department and increase the circulation of patients.
What DR brings to us is: high DQE, large latitude, low exposure dose, high resolution, and fast X-ray conversion efficiency, which reduces the work intensity of radiological technicians. With the development of computer technology, electronic technology, and information technology, medical imaging will have a broader space.Portable mobile X-ray machine

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