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X-ray machine type

According to the number of transmitters, X-ray machines can be divided into three types: single beam, double beam and combined multi-beam. Generally, the more beams, the stronger the detection capability of the equipment and the more expensive it is.

The first type: single beam system.

According to the beam irradiation position, X-ray machines are divided into three types: vertical irradiation, horizontal irradiation and overhead beam irradiation.

The second type: dual beam system.

The dual beams emit X-ray beams from two angles and point to two detectors. The images when the rays pass through the tank are displayed from two different angles, which can increase the detection rate.

The third type, combined beam system

This combined beam system has vertical beams and horizontal beams. This combined beam will significantly increase the detection rate of foreign objects in some special packaging products. For example, for glass and metal can packaging products or large packaging products, the combined light beam can improve the detection area of the can body and the bottom of the can and the detection rate of foreign objects.

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