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Source-Imaging Distance (SID)

In radiographic imaging, Source-Imaging Distance is used to reflect the distance between the radioactive source and the image receiver.
SID is an important parameter in radiographic imaging. For example, there is a corresponding relationship between SID and the radiation dose of the radioactive source. Therefore, in some cases, it is necessary to determine the radiation dose required for imaging based on the SID.
In radiation imaging equipment, generally speaking, SID is not a fixed value, and will be adjusted according to imaging requirements. When the SID required for an imaging operation is clarified according to imaging requirements, such as radiation dose or irradiation target, it is necessary to accurately adjust the distance between the radiation source and the image receiver to meet the SID.
In order to clarify the value of SID, the traditional way is to measure SID by attaching an external measuring device. However, the traditional method requires additional measurement equipment to be provided on the radiation imaging equipment, which will increase the overall design difficulty and cost of the radiation imaging equipment.

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