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Application of Veterinary X-ray machine

Veterinary X-ray machine is used for examination of animals. Recently many customers have inquired about our 300ma veterinary X-ray machine. An Argentine client of a pet clinic.
He wants to make an examination for the large pet dogs. The customer asks if our 100ma animal X-ray machine can be used. In this regard, we have made a specific introduction to the customer. Our animal X-ray machine is divided into 50ma,100ma,300ma and 500ma. The difference is the size of the X-ray dose.
Application of Veterinary X ray machine
Since the doses of 50ma and 100ma animal X-ray machines are relatively small, they can only be used for photographing animals below 30GK, or only for photographing the limbs of large animals and so on.The 500ma animal X-ray machine is usually used for the photography of pigs, horses, cows and other large animals.
Therefore, according to the requirements of the customer, we recommended to him the 300ma veterinary X-ray machine, which can be used for both the inspection of small pets and the shooting of large pet dogs. It can be divided into ordinary imaging and digital imaging. If customers need digital imaging, they need to configure our flat panel detector.
According to our recommendation, the customer was satisfied and sent us the money immediately.
Newheek veterinary X-ray machine can meet your different procurement needs.

Author: Glinda

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