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Can the beam limiter be made into 12V/100W?

Can the beam limiter be made into 12V/100W
Recently, an Indonesian customer asked us about our x ray collimator NK202. The customer said that they had bought two too beam limiter for testing. They failed. One was GE beam limiter and the other was Toshiba beam limiter. We asked the customer about the problems in the test. The customer responded that the analog light source of the beam limiter deviated from the X-ray exposure position. We hope to buy one that meets their needs. The required beam limiter, although our beam limiter is supplied to many X-ray machine manufacturers, but because each customer has different requirements for X-ray machine, so we can not guarantee that our beam limiter meets the customer’s requirements, so we recommend that customers buy a test, in order to avoid this problem, customers want us to change the circuit board to 12V/100W. For this problem, We can only give such an answer, we can make a 12V/100W limiter, but because customers only need one, our transformation cost is very high, so it is not appropriate.
Can the beam limiter be made into 12V/100W

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