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Application of X-ray machine in security inspection

In order for people to have a better modern and better life and strengthen people’s security assurance. The subway, airport and railway station are equipped with X-ray machines. X-ray machine can be said to have become a part of our daily life. We can’t do without X-ray machine. Under the X-ray machine of human body, even the things hidden in the body will be detected. Every object will appear clearly on the computer screen. What’s on the body, what’s in the pants pocket, and what’s tied on the foot neck can be seen clearly. We can’t escape the work at all It’s a very common thing for people to go through security check in their eyes. Most of them have such experience. On the computer of security check, it will show that people’s skeleton has nothing to hide, which makes it difficult for some people who pay attention to privacy to accept. But even so, we still need to carry out security check.



X-ray machine, also known as security machine, three product danger detector, luggage security detector, X-ray detector, is widely used in stations, customs, airports, subways, public security organs and various venues. The security inspection machine was first used in the industrial and medical fields for metal detection and human internal disease inspection. The X-ray machine has been used for the safety inspection of dangerous goods since the 1960s. Because the X-ray machine can display the structural image of the internal goods through the packaging and directly observe and analyze them through the display screen, it can check out the prohibited dangerous goods hidden in luggage, articles and all kinds of mails without unpacking. It is convenient and safe to use the security machine, so the security inspection is now carried out Machine has become one of the devices which are widely used in safety inspection. Security inspection equipment has been used in security inspection and explosion-proof inspection since 1970s in China. It was first used in border inspection. It was directly managed by the state and ministry level units at the beginning, which is a secret inspection. Since 1978, security inspection equipment has been used in airports, administrative conferences, etc. Since the 1980s, the security inspection industry has standardized management, and the security technology department has been established, mainly for anti-theft and alarm. Now it is basically mature, and the development of explosion-proof security inspection is relatively slow. Up to now, people pay more and more attention to security issues, which also drives the vigorous development of security industry.

With the development of science and technology, the picture of human body has become clearer and clearer. The objects on the body are clear. It is also clear whether there are any contraband or not. Women are the ones who are manually inspected at the security inspection office. This is a specific requirement.


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