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Which X-ray machine is suitable for animal control?

Times are advancing, society is developing, and the medical equipment used in animal epidemic prevention is constantly being updated. In the past, only human medical equipment was used, and now animal equipment is not inferior to humans. So which animal X-ray machine is used Which is more appropriate? Today I will introduce you to the sickle-arm DR X-ray machine used for animal prevention and control (as shown below).

This device is mainly composed of a sickle arm bracket, a flat bed for photography, a high-voltage generator, a tube, a manual beam beamer and a flat panel detector. The flat panel detector is an option. If the customer does not want to spend too much money to buy For flat panel detectors, use cassettes or CR IP plates for imaging. Among them, the use of cassette imaging is the traditional method of film development, which is more cumbersome to operate. CR is used to transfer images to a computer through a scanning device. CR is generally imported, and the price is not much related to DR, but the image effect is not as good DR, so it is still recommended to choose DR. At this point, everyone understands the sickle arm DR X-ray machine of animal prevention and control. If you need to improve your understanding, please contact us!


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