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Li Bin admitted frankly that the fight against the new coronary pneumonia is a “big test” for China’s governance system and governance capabilities. In the course of its response, it also revealed that China still has shortcomings in the prevention and control of major epidemics, mechanisms and public health systems. He revealed that there are six considerations for the next step in the construction of a public health emergency system.

This includes promoting the strengthening of organizational leadership in public health, raising the awareness of the entire society in preventing public health emergencies, establishing a centralized, unified and efficient leadership command system, and improving the emergency response mechanism for public health emergencies.

Trump says he does not believe China deliberately releases coronavirus
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Trump says he does not believe China deliberately releases coronavirus
Reform and improve the disease prevention and control system. Focusing on the prevention and control of major infectious diseases and the handling of public health emergencies, we will advance the modernization of the disease control system, strengthen the construction of emergency response capabilities, improve the coordination mechanism for public health major risk research, assessment, decision-making, prevention and control, strengthen training and drills, and strengthen the treatment of major epidemics System, establish a hierarchical layered and diverted rescue mechanism, and consolidate the bottom of the grassroots net.

Use big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other digital technologies to better play a supporting role in epidemic situation monitoring and analysis, virus tracing, prevention and treatment, resource allocation, etc. At the same time, it is necessary to actively play the role of traditional Chinese medicine and improve the level of traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

It is necessary to accelerate the construction of a new nationwide system of core technological breakthroughs. Promote and improve a unified emergency security system, cooperate with relevant departments to improve the emergency material security system, and improve the medical insurance and rescue system for major diseases.

Promote the construction of public health laws and regulations, plans and supervision mechanisms, strengthen law enforcement and supervision, establish a mechanism for mobilization of the whole people, launch a patriotic health campaign, and promote social participation in public health.

In addition, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, actively participate in global health governance, and share Chinese experience.

“We are still actively discussing these ideas and actively communicating with various departments.” Li Bin said that the next step is to deepen reforms as a relevant key aspect of deepening the reform of the system and mechanism, and to improve coping capabilities and coping levels.

In the wave of reform, it will inevitably involve the x ray machine and necessary, keep pace with the times, increase research and development, more environmentally friendly and more humane.
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