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How to make industrial X-ray machine aluminum plate protection room?

Commonly used ct room dr room dental x-ray machine and other x-ray room protection can be divided into wall protection can be divided into two kinds of lead plate protection and radiation protection special paint protection: lead plate direct protection method is the basis of the original building wall The protective wall is covered with a lead plate to protect it. The wall protection can be divided into two types: lead plate protection and special protection for radiation protection: radiation protection coating protection method, simple construction, high condensation strength, no cracking, and absorption of radiation And the ability to scatter rays is strong, also has a high protection ability, and the protection cost is low.
Radiation protection door, electric protection door, medical protection door, detection room protection door, x-ray protection door, lead protection door, price of protection door, radiation protection door, the protection design of X-ray machine room must follow the principle of radiation protection To keep the exposure dose of staff and examinee at a reasonably low level. Due to economic constraints in practice, it often becomes a reasonably low level. At the same time, it must be ensured that the dose received by the general public outside the X-ray machine room does not exceed the dose limit prescribed by the state. Therefore, it is necessary to provide adequate protection for the staff in the adjacent room of the X-ray machine room and the rooms on the upper and lower floors.
The inner frame of the radiation protection door is a steel skeleton, and the outside is made of stainless steel, color steel plate, cold rolled plate, ornate plate and other material panels, and electric and manual radiation protection doors lined with high-quality radiation protection lead plates. Radiation protection doors are available in a variety of styles and specifications. The protective door equivalent of lead protection and the size of the door body are customized according to the actual protection requirements of the user and the size of the door hole. The product technology is advanced and the production is exquisite. Electric ray protection doors are also equipped with safety devices such as door chains, infrared induction, work indicator lights, ionizing radiation signs, etc. The anti-radiation lead door has beautiful appearance, flexible operation, light movement, strong and durable. Radiation-proof lead doors can effectively protect X, γ rays and neutron rays. The quality of protection fully meets the national standards for protection quality.
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