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Application principles of X-ray machine radiography equipment

Principles of using X-ray machine:

Take care of the machine, use it carefully, read the instructions carefully before use, understand its structure and operation process and use methods, record the operation of the X-ray machine in time, do a good job in the management and record of the X-ray machine, and be strictly and conscientiously during the operation, and make a good job change Hand over the machine status in time to ensure that the machine is in a safe working state and avoid machine failure. Regular maintenance and repair of the machine should be carried out to ensure normal work.

Large and small focus selection principle

In order to improve the sharpness of the photo and reduce the geometric blur, the small focus should be selected to ensure the image quality under the premise that the X-ray tube capacity specification allows the load. The small focus is generally used for thinner limbs that are easy to penetrate, such as When photographing the limbs such as hands and feet and the parts that are not easy to move, the irradiation field is relatively small. Large-focus photography is used when it is easy to move around and breathing is difficult to control, such as chest photography, and when thicker limbs cannot easily penetrate X-rays for X-ray radiography, large-focus photography is also used, such as head and spine radiography.

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