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Newheek has newly launched a veterinary x ray table

Newheek has newly launched a veterinary x ray table, which is very suitable for shooting small animals. Our veterinary x ray table has the following advantages. Let’s take a look.

1. Multiple milliampere levels: There are multiple milliampere level X-ray machines on one instrument, which can be used for both large and small animals, equivalent to the functions of two X-ray machines of similar products . 50mA is used for small animals, 100mA is used for larger animals;

2. Integrated tube rack: The integrated tube rack can pass through the entire floating table. At the same time, the tube can be rotated up to 90 degrees, reducing the operator’s frequent changes to the animal’s position and greatly improving work efficiency;

3. Excellent image quality: X-ray machine for animals, high-quality image quality products unanimously praised by global zoologists, making it easier to diagnose subtle lesions;

4. Continuous upgrade function: The host reserves a standard DICOM interface, which is convenient for users to upgrade to a CR or DR system at any time, keeping up with the process of X-ray image digitization.

The above are the advantages of veterinary x ray table. If you need to purchase a veterinary x ray table, please contact us!

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